Dent Repair

Replacing panel’s on any vehicle can be very expensive, even without the labour and Materials cost’s. Most other Body Shops and especially the main dealer’s are Replacing panel’s rather than Repairing,

Reasons for Replace

  • Is to get a sale for their parts department.
  • Panel’s on most vehicles, when replaced results in more fitting hours. 
  • When panels are replaced results in more painting hours.
  • Their under skilled and not capable of repairing to acceptable quality.
  • Haven’t the equipment to carry out dent repairs.
  • Higher total invoice cost means more gane for their financial turnover.

Reasons for Repair:

  • Save on new panel replacement costs.
  • Save on fitting cost. example To replace a rear wheel arch panel on a 3 door Golf is about 12 hours labour. Most small Dents (tennis ball sized) are done in a hour or 2 and up to 8 hours for a extremely caved in panel.
  • Save on painting hours. Example if a panel was replaced, the panels next to that panel would have to be Watt most body shops would usually call blending the colour out, doing so will make sure its a perfect colour match. when repaired it is possible blend colour into rest of the repaired panel depending on the position of damage.
  • Save on materials costs, less to paint. 
  • Save on EPA Charges (Enviromental Protection Agency).
  • Save on Total invoice cost, more money for your pocket.