Car Plastic Repair

Here at DP Body Repairs Bridgend we are capable in repairing most types of plastic parts on you vehicle (subject to cost) to a safe and economical way without the use of excess’s of glue’s witch can end cracking in the future.

The methods we prefer to use are Plastic Welding which on its own again can crack in the future  but to overcome this problem we strengthen the crack first with our Hot Plastic Stapler by melting stainless steel staples into the plastic stitching the crack back together insuring it will not crack in the future.


Example of cost. To supply a rear Vauxhall Astra bumper would cost approx £300 plus labour and materials given total cost around £450 and that’s with my average price for painting and fitting of a new bumper, main dealers cost on the other hand can escalate to £350 just for painting and fitting plus parts. As for repairing a bumper the labour charge is more but the whole job when completed can be half of replacing.

Before you except a supply a fit estimate, for any plastic parts call in and see weather we can repair it and save you over 50% on total invoice cost